Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aperture reviews

The first persons photos that I'm reviewing are Jessamyn Lovell's Catastrophe, Crisis, and Other Family Tradition photos. Her main purpose throught this particular photo shoot was to show the different struggles that many American families have when facing disabilites, religion and being around your family. Lovell attended Rochester Insitute of Technology and got her MFA in photography at teh California school of the Arts and crafts. The series is supposed to show the differnce and changes that her family ahs experienced throughout there lives. I also liked how most of her family meembers were bigger than some other people and how she arranged them in the photos to look beautiful amd tranquil. Overall I particularyl loved how Jessamyn portrayed each one of her family memebers in these pictures and would love to take some photos like this at some point.

The next person that I reviewed was Maureen Drennan and her series: Meet Me in the Green Glen. Maureen chose to portray the life of a marijuana growers life. I especially loved how she portrayed the man whos plantation it was. He seemed cut off from the rest of society through his field of work, but at the sam time him and his family and workers lived a privliged life. Maureen who really emphasized how secluded these peoples lives were really made me want to get out and take photos. I also loved how she framed the photos so it seemed that no one was ever around, which was probably the case in the frist place. Maureen was born and raised in New York City and has taken pictures there for her whole life. Overall I loved her style of photography, and hopefully can reenact what her pictures looked like.

Photo Team Portraits

These are some portraits of the photo team! yahooo

Monday, May 17, 2010

Min Soo

Finally there is Minsoo. His photography has improved so much it is crazy. Instead of doing moving objects and shapes he’s developed his photography to be something quite spectacular. It seems that most of his photos are darkish sort of black and white and have a scary aura to them. Particularly these photos where Minsoo made himself look very scary. I just really like how he framed the photos and made it so he looked super scary and whenever I look at these I get a shudder up my spine. Overall these are just an amazing group of photos.


Griffin’s pictures have matured so much over the past two years. Originally our sophomore year his pictures would have been solely taken at school. But his capabilities of taking amazing pictures has flourished so much that he now takes multiple a week many places he goes. He especially takes absolutely fantastic pictures of his pets and other animals as well as food. The way he frames his photos are particularly enticing because they seem to be framed in corners some of the time or otherwise they’re not.
I absolutely love this first photo of his cat. Not only do I love cats but I love how you can really se the cat’s hair and how the image looks very sharpened. I feel that the black and white really just makes the image POP. The next photo of his food is also really amazing. I love how it really just makes you want to eat when you look at the photo. It’s just taken so well and looks so much like an advertisement that you want to go straight to a restaurant and by it.


Over the past two years working with Zoe, I’ve seen her work grow so much. This year in particular her work has grown to be something quite amazing. She mostly seems to take abstract photos of either a set or people or objects. Although she doesn’t have a concrete set of images that she takes as her main type of imagery she always seems to have a nice set up kind of picture. They switch off from being macro and color to portraits in black and white, etc, etc.

These pictures are some of my favorite works of her because I feel they really show a sense of busy yet very well framed and good photography. The first one of the homeless people is particularly good, because the people in the photo are both happy and energetic and Zoe really captured that well. Then there are the pictures of the land Zoe visited and it’s just so beautiful that I can’t help but I love the photos.


Benny’s pictures have improved a lot throughout the year. The majority of his photos seem to be of landscape and flowers. He’s taken many photos which are in color, although some are in black and white. Most of the photos were used in the macro setting and had either buildings or rain drops reflected in the background. Overall his work is every beautiful and the majority is of nature.
These specific pictures really emphasized some of his work. I specifically liked them because I felt that it showed the nature and macro concepts he seemed to develop throughout the year. The first photo really shows the macro shot of the raindrop but with the nature in the background as well. Whereas the second one wasn’t in macro setting but really showed the different ways Benny captured nature.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Throughout the year Spencer’s photos have developed to be something quite obscure yet incredible. Most of his photos follow a common thread of being creepy as well as black and white. Personally I believe that one of his most inventive photography series was the series in which Spencer took pictures of himself as a robber breaking and entering into a house. The overall way that he portrayed himself was very cool and I really like the photos a lot. The light caught his had in one particular photo which made it particularly engaging.

Although I don’t think this is Spencer’s strongest photo I really like the way the hands are framed in this picture. Again we see his theme of using black and white and framing the photos very well. There is always a new aspect too look for in his photos, for instance in this photo my eye immediately goes to his very black gloves with nice clam, tranquil curtains that he’s holding.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Street Photographers

Street Photographers:

  1. William Klein born in New York, April 19, 1928
  2. He was a photojournalist as well as fashion photographer
    1. Photography changed all of fashion photography from this point forward
    2. His work was not only revolutionary but he took photos for Vogue and had many photo essays that he was famous for
    3. Photos of his:

  1. Henri Cartier-Bresson was born on August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004
  2. He helped develop street photography and real life reportage
    1. He covered some wars, as well as funerals (Ghandi’s in particular, which made him famous)
    2. "I've never been interested in the process of photography, never, never. Right from the beginning. For me, photography with a small camera like the Leica is an instant drawing."
    3. His style included never using flash, only in black and white, and always tried to capture the event that was happening at hand.
    4. Photos of his: