Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toothfairy From The Magical Forest of Rubinia

As a child I dreamed of frolicking in the forest and coming upon a fairyland. Every night before bed I prayed that Rubina the Toothfairy from Rubinia would come and fly me to her home. She would fly to the nearest forest where she would proceed to take out her wand and say a magical spell. All of a sudden the tree would open up and a spiral staircase going underground to Rubinia would come up. I would be praised as the Toothfairies BESTFRIEND FOREVER!!! All the other children would be so envious of me and I would be known all over the world... Sadly this was a fantasy. One day when we were visiting some friends in Washington my borther and I decided to do Capoera. All of a sudden I felt a WHAPPPP to the face. Blood spurted evrywhere. My brother had kicked out two of my teeth. I was rushed to the bathroom where I got washed up and put to bed. Although I was in pain my brother convinced me that because the house we where in was in the middle of the forest Rubina would come soon. I might even be lucky enough yo to see where the entry way to Rubinia was. I stayed up as long as possible but sadly fell asleep. In the morning my brother told me how the fairy was a beautifull lady with wings and how she had told him to say hi to me. I was soo sad she didn't wait till' i woke up to say hi but whatever. THE TOOTHFAIRY IS AMAZING AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANY ONE SAYS ABOUT HER!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Waking up and not wanting to attend school

One day as my stuffy sprinkles and I were getting up from a beautiful sunny day I realized I had school. The hatred that filled me boiled over and I was furious. "School is the DEVIL", sprinkles and I yelled in unison. We were just about done woith schol and wanted the summer back already. School is boring and it makes me wake up early and I hate it. Pretty much me and sprinkles hate waking up and we're going to start boycotting it. Tomorrow I will bing a signs and write I hate school!!!!!