Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Girl

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Ginger Face. Ginger Face had no friends and no one liked her because she was a ginger. The only time she ever felt welcome was on halloween. She could interact with all her fellow Pumpkins and they would make her feel better about being a ginger.

On the day of Halloween, Ginger Face frolicked with her fellow pumpkins and other friends like the scare crow and the glistening moon.

Ginger Face felt so welcome unlike school where she sits in the emo corner and cries.

Finally she had a tinge of happiness in her life.


(Ginger Face is not based on a true event, do not be mislead)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream Poem

Thyith walks in thy hazyness

where thou cannot see up ahead

dream like features. I leave, thouith
is gone no where to find you.

There I amith walking.


I am in a tree.
Nothing but me,

I do not know what has happened.

For I am down yet again, walking,


A rope to the entryway of life.

Shall I enter or shall i prevail
you will not find me, for I am gone.

Thyith walks in hazyness

where thou cannot see.


Zoom, Zap I am there.

Caught in a web, like a moth ready for despair.

Escape before I am found.

For it comes.

The one with many.

The one called arachnid.

Thyith walks in hazyness

where thou cannot see.

I wake.

dream like world to return...

I am asleep.

I must start over.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Villain: The Phantom

As a child I was scared to death of the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera. After seeing the shows many times and reading the book I coudln't help but check my back every few minutes to make sure I wasn't about to be kidnapped by the "masked one". If my parents ever decided to put on the Phantom music I would wail and run to my room, jump into my bed and hide under the covers. The idea that someone was watching me but I would never be able to see them scared me so much that I couldn't even bare to here his name anymore. One day when I was 7 years old we decided that we wanted to go to the SPCA to get a kitten. After picking out a brother and sister kitten my brother and I decided to go enter in a raffle that was out in the front hall. While we discussed with someone at the SPCA what we needed to do for the cat we heard someone yell out JOSH! my brother's name. We walked over and all of a sudden I see them. it was the cast of the Phantom of the Opera. I had a flash back of those eyes staring at me and decided to go wait over with my mom while my brother went to go get his prize. When he returned he had two front row tickets to the next Phantom of the Opera show and a backstage pass to go visit with the cast afterwards. I decided that this was the time to face my fear and go to the show, after all I hadn't seen the show in over a year and a half. The next day we saw it. It was fantastic, I loved it and I was over my fear. After the show we waited outside for 2 hours to get let in backstage, finally we were aloud in. We went backstage with the character Christine and she showed us all the secrets in the set. Then she asked the question... "So, how would you like to go meet the Phantom?" I couldn't move. While my family started walking down a stiral staircase to the dressing rooms I was stuck. I decided to face my fear and followed. When we got down there he turned around and his face looked terrible!!! Blood everywhere and I was just about to scream when he grabed his face and pulled it off. It was fake? I was so astonished and for the first time realized that this man was nothing but an actor and I wouldn't be hurt by him... Although I got over the fear of the Phantom I will always have the haunting image of his face engraved in my memory.