Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


THIS IS MY NAME. The one my parents gave me at birth. The name I go by. M- stands for Markers for I love to draw. A- stands for Apple for I love apples. R- stands for rollers that I use for printmaking. And A- stands for Art for I love art (as you can see from all the photos I've taken).

My name is heaven i shall never change it before I die, for six feet under will still be my name, and miles up will still be my life.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breathe Me- Sia

This song completely reflects. Being yourself. The motto of the song.

You musn't change who you are and this is how I reflect my own life.

I am Relaxed.

I take deep breaths.

My cat dances with me and I am happy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Portrait

About a year ago our beloved cousin Benny was eating Pretzels when he chocked on one and died. Yesterday my other cousins and I were taking our annual cousin photo shoot when the photographer screamed and ran out of the room. We all started laughing at his immediate fright and decided to go look at the photo he had taken. We all stopped laughing when we saw that we were staring into the eyes of Benny. He was laughing in the photo and all of a sudden we heard his laughter fill the room.


But yesterday someone, probably Benny himself, sent the picture to me via email.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Girl

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Ginger Face. Ginger Face had no friends and no one liked her because she was a ginger. The only time she ever felt welcome was on halloween. She could interact with all her fellow Pumpkins and they would make her feel better about being a ginger.

On the day of Halloween, Ginger Face frolicked with her fellow pumpkins and other friends like the scare crow and the glistening moon.

Ginger Face felt so welcome unlike school where she sits in the emo corner and cries.

Finally she had a tinge of happiness in her life.


(Ginger Face is not based on a true event, do not be mislead)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream Poem

Thyith walks in thy hazyness

where thou cannot see up ahead

dream like features. I leave, thouith
is gone no where to find you.

There I amith walking.


I am in a tree.
Nothing but me,

I do not know what has happened.

For I am down yet again, walking,


A rope to the entryway of life.

Shall I enter or shall i prevail
you will not find me, for I am gone.

Thyith walks in hazyness

where thou cannot see.


Zoom, Zap I am there.

Caught in a web, like a moth ready for despair.

Escape before I am found.

For it comes.

The one with many.

The one called arachnid.

Thyith walks in hazyness

where thou cannot see.

I wake.

dream like world to return...

I am asleep.

I must start over.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Villain: The Phantom

As a child I was scared to death of the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera. After seeing the shows many times and reading the book I coudln't help but check my back every few minutes to make sure I wasn't about to be kidnapped by the "masked one". If my parents ever decided to put on the Phantom music I would wail and run to my room, jump into my bed and hide under the covers. The idea that someone was watching me but I would never be able to see them scared me so much that I couldn't even bare to here his name anymore. One day when I was 7 years old we decided that we wanted to go to the SPCA to get a kitten. After picking out a brother and sister kitten my brother and I decided to go enter in a raffle that was out in the front hall. While we discussed with someone at the SPCA what we needed to do for the cat we heard someone yell out JOSH! my brother's name. We walked over and all of a sudden I see them. it was the cast of the Phantom of the Opera. I had a flash back of those eyes staring at me and decided to go wait over with my mom while my brother went to go get his prize. When he returned he had two front row tickets to the next Phantom of the Opera show and a backstage pass to go visit with the cast afterwards. I decided that this was the time to face my fear and go to the show, after all I hadn't seen the show in over a year and a half. The next day we saw it. It was fantastic, I loved it and I was over my fear. After the show we waited outside for 2 hours to get let in backstage, finally we were aloud in. We went backstage with the character Christine and she showed us all the secrets in the set. Then she asked the question... "So, how would you like to go meet the Phantom?" I couldn't move. While my family started walking down a stiral staircase to the dressing rooms I was stuck. I decided to face my fear and followed. When we got down there he turned around and his face looked terrible!!! Blood everywhere and I was just about to scream when he grabed his face and pulled it off. It was fake? I was so astonished and for the first time realized that this man was nothing but an actor and I wouldn't be hurt by him... Although I got over the fear of the Phantom I will always have the haunting image of his face engraved in my memory.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toothfairy From The Magical Forest of Rubinia

As a child I dreamed of frolicking in the forest and coming upon a fairyland. Every night before bed I prayed that Rubina the Toothfairy from Rubinia would come and fly me to her home. She would fly to the nearest forest where she would proceed to take out her wand and say a magical spell. All of a sudden the tree would open up and a spiral staircase going underground to Rubinia would come up. I would be praised as the Toothfairies BESTFRIEND FOREVER!!! All the other children would be so envious of me and I would be known all over the world... Sadly this was a fantasy. One day when we were visiting some friends in Washington my borther and I decided to do Capoera. All of a sudden I felt a WHAPPPP to the face. Blood spurted evrywhere. My brother had kicked out two of my teeth. I was rushed to the bathroom where I got washed up and put to bed. Although I was in pain my brother convinced me that because the house we where in was in the middle of the forest Rubina would come soon. I might even be lucky enough yo to see where the entry way to Rubinia was. I stayed up as long as possible but sadly fell asleep. In the morning my brother told me how the fairy was a beautifull lady with wings and how she had told him to say hi to me. I was soo sad she didn't wait till' i woke up to say hi but whatever. THE TOOTHFAIRY IS AMAZING AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANY ONE SAYS ABOUT HER!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Waking up and not wanting to attend school

One day as my stuffy sprinkles and I were getting up from a beautiful sunny day I realized I had school. The hatred that filled me boiled over and I was furious. "School is the DEVIL", sprinkles and I yelled in unison. We were just about done woith schol and wanted the summer back already. School is boring and it makes me wake up early and I hate it. Pretty much me and sprinkles hate waking up and we're going to start boycotting it. Tomorrow I will bing a signs and write I hate school!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

PHOTOS about cool friends and PASTA... what?

The first photo I have includes me and my baby group. One of my first memories includes these people (from left to right we have Elijah, Zeke, Me, Sophie and Jesse). My parents never forget to mention that I was always the "happy" baby. Although many babies are happy I was constantly happy. Without looking at the description of each child you can instantly guess who I am. My life revolves around friends and family, they are my rock. As a child I cried when i wasn't aloud to hang out with my friends and threw tantrums when my brother told me I was too young to hang out with him and his friends. My next sequence of photos includes oneof my closest friends as a child Daniella . This was the good old days when I had the pleasure of a nap every hour or so! (from right me my sister zoe and daniella)

(From left Oscar, Daniella, Me and Alan) Our friendship was powerful!

Daniella and I spent every living moment together. We were inceparable.

Sleep overs at least 2 times a week were necessary, and there was never a spare moment when we weren't folded over in laughter from jokes or games we used to play.

This is one of our last happy times together. I will not declose "its"
name but she came imbetween our friendship in 8th grade and we have not talked since. Daniella's birthday just passed on September 3. The thought that I wouldn't be with her on her 16th brithday brought a deep sadness back into my heart. I had tried for almost three years to forget the friendship I cherished so deeply and was now being haunted of the memory that I longed to keep out. I will always love Daniella as a sister but it will never be the same due to "it". If I had the chance I would have never become friends with "it", because if not for "it" I would have been with Daniella just 8 days ago celebrating one of the happiest nights in her life. I wish I could just go back and start over, but I guess some things are just meant to be.

Happy Birthday Daniella, I hope you had a great day. I will love you forever, even if you don't know it.

Friday, August 28, 2009